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> From my reading so far, I know that OpenDaylight supports Neutron and
> OpenFlow as Northbound APIs.
> I’m certain there are many more, but I’m not certain how to construct an
> exhaustive list of what’s available.
> I understand that people outside the OpenDaylight project might be
> constructing Northbound APIs and, in principle, there’s no way to discover
> all those.
> To be specific, I want to construct the list of Northbound APIs available
> to me in a new Nitrogen installation.  Simply looking through the hundreds
> of available features isn’t a good way to figure this out.  What *should*
> I be doing?

this depends on which (Karaf) features you install; specific ODL
sub-projects may be able to give you more details answers.

For all YANG based RPCs, you can use the Swagger apidocs from the RESTCONF
project, do you know about that? See e.g.
- not sure that's best/latest; others may have better pointers.

The Neutron Northbound are pure REST API which are not YANG RPCs, those
won't appear there.

Other project may contribute others.

Best of luck.

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