Maning, Massimo, Alex, Ravi,

Thank you all for your kinds offers of help with the LiveDVD. This is greatly appreciated, will be very valuable, and will also make space for the overly committed FOSS4G local organising committee to focus on the other aspects of the FOSS4G conference.

As I see it, this is what needs to be done:
1. Anyone who is interested, please subscribe to the live-dvd email list, where we can continue the rest of this discussion.

The wiki associated with this project is at:

2. We need someone who can continually keep track of the status of the LiveDVD. Determine what it contains, what package versions are on it, how much space is being used, what should and should not be on it etc.
This data should be kept up to date in this wiki:

2b. Revise the LiveDVD schedule, and then track to it.

3. The LiveDVD needs to be tested, and make sure that the current, and any future packages all work together without impacting each other. Any issues found need to be tracked in the issue tracker.

4. Someone needs to contact all interested parties for the LiveDVD, and encourage them to provide data or software, or configurations, etc for the LiveDVD. This includes: * Workshop and tutorial authors who may want to hand out a DVD at the conference.
* OSGeo projects already on the LiveDVD, or who want to get on the DVD
* UbuntuGIS, DebianGIS, GISVM, OSGeo4W packaging projects, which have significant synergies with the LiveDVD
* And any other people who want to help out.

5. Add what ever new packages, linux software, windows installers, etc to the LiveDVD. This is the technical grunt work. Note that the packaging projects like DebianGIS and UbuntuGIS are quite robust, and have been very helpful in getting new people started with packaging, and many of these people are also on the LiveDVD email list.

Welcome aboard.
I suggest that any volunteers join the live-demo email list, and respond to this email suggesting how you might want to help.
Cameron Shorter, FOSS4G chair.

Ravi wrote:
Happy to note a good discussion.
I can help in seeing the draft of workshops/Labs that deal with Vector-GIS and GIS that focuses on Geoscience. Can help in advising where necessary, to tune the material such that those multitudes not attending the event can equally use the material with ease.
Ravi Kumar

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From: Alex Borrell <>
Subject: Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] FOSS4G2009 to reach those who cannot attend
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Date: Friday, 31 July, 2009, 8:12 PM

On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 5:55 AM,
Massimo Di Stefano <>

Hi All,

I'm  working on a live dvd project based on GIS

i'm avaiable for any help on the dvd creation.

let me know.



Il giorno 31/lug/09, alle ore 11:11, Cameron Shorter ha

Hi Ravi,

Yes, you are so right, we do need to collect as much of the
material from the FOSS4G conference as we can.

One way we hope to facilitate this has been to give every
attendee a LiveDVD which can be populated with all the
material from the workshops. This means that if workshop
presenters can get their data onto the DVD, then they know
all attendees will receive it.

So we have budget for the LiveDVD. We have an old version
of the LiveDVD (based on FOSS4G 2008). What we need to
continue through to completion is to have someone who will
coordinate the compiling of the DVD.  This is primarily a
project management role, keeping track of what is on the DVD
and what should be on it, contacting workshop authors, and
project leads and helping them get their projects onto the
DVD etc.

Sound like you? It would be an incredibly valuable
contribution to FOSS4G and the greater OSGeo community at

Jody Garnett wrote:

These are all kind thoughts. Would you consider
volunteering to help

put together the conference live DVD? You can see an
example from

FOSS4G2008 etc...


On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 8:20 AM, <>

Hi All,

FOSS4G every year is a keenly followed event. Many await
the publication of material on the website eagerly such that
they can follow labs, workshops and presentations of

So the present organisers may please request those
especially conducting labs/workshops to keep in mind the
multitudes who browse them through the internet can have
equal benefit. This can be achieved my keeping on the
internet for download

1. All the binaries that are required for the exercise

2. All the data that are required for the exercise

3. All the printed material provided for the exercise

4. All the other material provided to the attendees, CD or
DVD etc

I agree that most of it is done each time, except for a few

Example:'Download data from the CD provided', is
given in the lab pdf.. but the data is not given for

Example:'Run the pg_setenv.bat file first,'
(FOSS4G2007).. even on date a nice archive is available from
the FOSS4G2007 website, data, text etc..

but, the pg_setenv.bat, not there.

This may be trivial for experts, but for those learning
through the internet and depending on 'Discuss
Lists', it will be a roadblock.


Ravi Kumar

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Discuss mailing list


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Discuss mailing list


Discuss mailing list

I think Massimo is right, there are lots of people who can
not attend FOSSG4, but would like to learn
through Internet the workshops and conferences. As it is a
fast growing field, the sooner the better. Please,

if there is a way to help this happen, let me know!

I am from Mexico, so if there is some need for spanish
translation, or any other work I'll be glad to help.

Alex Borrell

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