Brian Russo wrote:
So to sum up the themes of this thread..

OSGeo really just acts as an administrative body within with projects can have some legal "existence", but effectively has no say on day-to-day tasks involving projects, etc.

The actual direction of the projects "sponsored" by OSGeo is really the responsibility of the relevant committee/developers.

This is now my understanding as well. Chris (Schmidt) and I had a discussion about this the other day. I was interested in seeing if the OSGeo member projects' steering committees could actually be recognized as some sort of legal entity by becoming a member project.

It sounds like the PSC representative for a member project automagically becomes an officer of the foundation, giving them the ability to make licensing decisions on behalf of the foundation.

That's tidy.


Miss anything relevant?

 - bri

On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 4:31 PM, Frank Warmerdam < <>> wrote:

    Tim Schaub wrote:

        Sounds like the process goes like this (if OSGeo holds copyright):

        1) PSC votes on license
        2) PSC chair advises OSGeo board
        3) OSGeo board decides on license


    Actually the steps would be:

    1) PSC votes on license
    2) PSC chair declares motion passed, and directs the license update
    on behalf of OSGeo.

    You could notify the board as a courtesy but it isn't required.

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