Dear OSGeo & GeoForAll, 

Please indulge me three (3) points to make here (again), 

(1) the ESA-NASA collaboration on WebWorldWind, 

(2) the Explorer ^starter app^ and 

(3) the WorldWindServerKit (GeoServer) with integrated layer viewer, the 
Explorer (again).

(1) ESA-NASA Collaboration

ESA and NASA are working jointly to advance the ESA-NASA WebWorldWind platform, 

ESA has built several apps with it, including the EO Browser for

ESA Sentinel App for iOS:

ESA Sentinel App for Android:

(2) The WorldWind Explorer web app framework,

The Explorer is good for GSoC students, SME’s, OSGeo aficionados, and a world 
hungry to be on ‘one-page’ for spatial data. To reach that beautiful 
world-working-in-concert we provide a ^starter app,^ the WorldWind Explorer. It 
is possible for Earthlings to work in concert with each other on those common 
solutions they all need, i.e., urban infrastructure management, weather, 
climate research, first-responder stuff, etc. 

(3) The WorldWindServerKit (WWSK 'whiskey')

The Explorer is integrated into NASA's GeoServer distribution, the WorldWind 
Server Kit (WWSK, ‘whiskey’)

• Whiskey is scale-able, it can be deployed to a server or run standalone on a 
• An agency could host a whiskey server (GeoServer) on the internet or an 
• An agency could publish their models and maps in their WWSK server(s).
• Whiskey can access data/maps/imagery from other remote Web Map Service (WMS) 
servers, thus a whiskey server could be configured to provide a single point of 
entry for many WMS services.
• If you advance ~2:34:00 (2 hours and 34 minutes) into this ‘Education’ 
session at ESA Earth Observation conference last September, you’ll see and hear 
Bruce describing ‘whiskey’:

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