NASA is working to advance GeoServer to accommodate GeoPackage.

We are certainly glad to share ALL of our work in order to benefit GeoServer 
and the larger community.

For that to occur, if GeoTools is interested in coordinating with us to 
accomplish that, we would be delighted.

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Actually, that would be the GeoTools and GeoServer Programme 
Steering/Management committees, both of whom welcome contributions - &
There are several companies that can provide you with commercial support at 
reasonable rates if you need help -

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If the primary entity advancing GeoServer (Boundless?) would like to work with 
us, we would be delighted to coordinate that contribution.

 (650) 604-5656 (o)
 (650) 269-2788 (c)

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Hello Patrick,

Can I ask if there are any plans to contribute back the forked geoserver and 
geotools parts?


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