jimbobvfr400 wrote: 
> As I say I honestly don't believe the 4 option menu is generated by
> Orange Squeeze itself it's the defeat destructive play option in LMS
> 7.8.
> I can get both versions depending on the contents of the now playing
> play list but it is incredibly inconsistent and seemingly easily
> confused. 
> For this reason I actually normally have play as the default option. 
> With the various options I have set in LMS this means if nothing is
> already playing then tapping a track plays it and continues playing the
> rest of the album. If I then tap a different track while still playing I
> then get the 4 option list you mention.
> Before I upgraded to 7.8 I only got the long list if prompt was the
> selected default. 
> I actually think it's possible to get the exact behaviour you want. 
> Set Orange Squeeze to default to play. Don't use the prompt option at
> all
> Set the option in LMS to "always ask before playing your selection" 
> In theory this should do what you want.

If I use the prompt option then select a track i get the long list of
options. If i then select "album" I see the list of album tracks again.
If I now select my track again I see the 4 option list which I prefer. I
would be surprised if that was the intended functionality.

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