slartibartfast wrote: 
> This setting has been working perfectly for ages but after updating to
> the version of 7.8.1 from June 12 I can no longer 'play all tracks'
> using Orange Squeeze. Deleting the cache doesn't help this time. I can
> play all tracks from the prompt list on the player but not from the app.
> Switching between 'play only selected song' and 'play all songs on
> album' also seems to have no obvious effect when 'ask before playing' is
> set for the defeat destructive play option in LMS. I really should have
> learned by now not to update it when it's working.
Still seeing this on 7.9 when LMS is set to "ask before playing". The
only working options are "add to end" and "play this song". "Play next"
and "play all songs" do nothing.

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