jimbobvfr400 wrote: 
> As I say I honestly don't believe the 4 option menu is generated by
> Orange Squeeze itself it's the defeat destructive play option in LMS
> 7.8.
> I can get both versions depending on the contents of the now playing
> play list but it is incredibly inconsistent and seemingly easily
> confused. 
> For this reason I actually normally have play as the default option. 
> With the various options I have set in LMS this means if nothing is
> already playing then tapping a track plays it and continues playing the
> rest of the album. If I then tap a different track while still playing I
> then get the 4 option list you mention.
> Before I upgraded to 7.8 I only got the long list if prompt was the
> selected default. 
> I actually think it's possible to get the exact behaviour you want. 
> Set Orange Squeeze to default to play. Don't use the prompt option at
> all
> Set the option in LMS to "always ask before playing your selection" 
> In theory this should do what you want.
This setting has been working perfectly for ages but after updating to
the version of 7.8.1 from June 12 I can no longer 'play all tracks'
using Orange Squeeze. Deleting the cache doesn't help this time. I can
play all tracks from the prompt list on the player but not from the app.
Switching between 'play only selected song' and 'play all songs on
album' also seems to have no obvious effect when 'ask before playing' is
set for the defeat destructive play option in LMS. I really should have
learned by now not to update it when it's working.

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