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>> The scrobbled ttack titles and album titles are identical to LMS titles.
> ...unless they were scrobbled while playing from Spotify/Deezer or the like.
>> My guess is you could match LastFM tracks to LMS tracks. A list like
>> Random Albums with Favorite Last FM Albums/Artist or Tracks.
>> Or a list from LastFM and a play button which tries to match a LMS
>> track/album/artist
>> Or an option to generate a playlist from LastFM list.
> I think what might be great in general is if we could "add" music
> referenced by music services to the music library. Eg. imagine you
> have built your library in one of the music services, or the history
> in Last.fm. And these items could somehow be part of the library, no
> matter whether they were locally available or not... But that would be
> a massive change to how LMS works today. Probably too much to ever
> happen :-(.

Hopefully not - I guess that many would be even prepared to pay for
this (I would certainly be)- think kickstarter or similar.


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