philippe_44 wrote: 
> Understood - personally, my main objective would be synchronization and
> I got the semi-official answer from a Google person that they will not
> release their protocol, so no CCA synchro, no Sonos synchro :(
I've lookedinto creating a custom receiver and have coded up a slimproto
in Javascript but I tried many diferent receiver based methods to get
gapless and couldn't do it but it is a generic web audio/mse//html5
issue. However since it is a generic html5 type issue there is a wider
javascript base of users who want gapless audio and so it may appear but
it is normally the browser developers (e.g. MS, Google, Apple, OPera)
who take the initiative.

As an aside - a recent update to my chromecast Sony wireless portable
speaker has enabled sync with CCAs.  Perhaps Google is being serious
with CC to rival Airplay.

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