It's good to know Roon is out there should LMS no longer have community
support, but $499 is steep.  Particularly if it closes up shop like SB
did (as a commercial venture, at least).

I've been very happy with my 2 Pi's.  I'm not technically gifted, and I
had little problem setting mine up.  I'll likely step up and purchase a
display at some point, although the one remaining "real" SB in my system
is a Touch and I don't have a real need at the moment for another

2-SB3s, 1-Touch, and a Raspberry Pi B+ with TekDevice dacBerry 3+
running piCorePlayer.  Mac Mini as a server (OS X Yosemite).  Direct
Ethernet connection (1-SB3 and the Raspberry Pi) and power-line (1-SB3
and Touch).  iPeng is my controller of choice.  LMS 7.8.1
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