I have tried plex media server, and decided to just use it for photos,
movies, home movies, TV shows, but not the audio collection.  For the
audio collection, I am retaining my LMS.  It seems that plex is very
slow for larger collections by comparison to LMS.  Also, the LMS is much
more configurable to play at different rates and also adapt to remote
players direct to my server instead of through the plex server in the
cloud.  If plex could get a more efficient DB manager going, it could
probably beat out the LMS.

You can still cast by using a squeeze player on the android phone and
cast it to the chrome cast.  I have both a roku and CC.  roku and it's
remote seem to have more apps than the CC, but most of it is junk. There
are some very unique apps on the roku that are very interesting for the
individual taste (for example, old TV shows, movies, etc.).

Logitech missed the boat when they did not expand the LMS to include
movies, photos, TV shows, etc.  The LMS is still hands down the best
audio server I have seen; and combined with the squeezebox, it was one
heck of a system.  Too bad.

Plex is pretty awesome with the Roku.  I have pitched in for the
lifetime membership and I am 61.

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