That looks really nice - but it would be even nicer, if I could use it
with an LMS server which is running on a different machine. Any chance
of adding this?

Ha! It's certainly something I've been thinking about - because I'm not running my LMS on the Mac. I only implemented this as a POC and to get an understanding of BitBar. It's a tool I might be using for other purposes, too.

The problem with the "remote" server case is that it's a much more complicated case. In the LMS on Mac case we have well defined paths, a known environment. But with a remote server? How would we find it? How would we restart a service on a remote Windows or Linux machine? A BitBar plugin for a remote LMS would not be able to cover the feature set I've demoed in the existing plugin. But it could of course feature stuff like "now playing" information, basic player control etc. But still, server discovery would be a problem, as those plugins are being run in intervals, they're not kept in memory to eg. listen for LMS instance discovery messages.

What kind of features would you like to see?


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