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>> That looks really nice - but it would be even nicer, if I could use it
>> with an LMS server which is running on a different machine. Any chance
>> of adding this?
> Ha! It's certainly something I've been thinking about - because I'm
> not running my LMS on the Mac. I only implemented this as a POC and to
> get an understanding of BitBar. It's a tool I might be using for other
> purposes, too.
> The problem with the "remote" server case is that it's a much more
> complicated case. In the LMS on Mac case we have well defined paths, a
> known environment. But with a remote server? How would we find it? How
> would we restart a service on a remote Windows or Linux machine? A
> BitBar plugin for a remote LMS would not be able to cover the feature
> set I've demoed in the existing plugin. But it could of course feature
> stuff like "now playing" information, basic player control etc. But
> still, server discovery would be a problem, as those plugins are being
> run in intervals, they're not kept in memory to eg. listen for LMS
> instance discovery messages.
> What kind of features would you like to see?

I see the problems, but other plugins for BitBar are using settings you
have to set in the plugin - other option would be a config file, in
which these are defined. I don't think an automatic recovery would be
necessary - it could be added later.

Restarting of LMS: the same. A command could be configured in a config
file, I use for LMS on a Linux box e.g.:

| ssh root@ 'service logitechmediaserver restart'

and have enabled password-less login - so I can restart LMS without
having to issue a password from my Mac. I have *no* idea about Windows.

There should probably be two plugins:

1) for server control and which can start the player control and
settings via the LMS web interface. Now Playing for all connected
players could be a nice feature as well.

2) player control / remote. As I am controlling my players via iPeng
(even when I am on the computer - I really like the iPeng interface) I
am not so much in need of a BitBar plugin for this.


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