This was the only thread I could find concerning wifi traffic, so I am
posting this little info here.

My Verizon/Frontier router took a dump recently and I order a new one.
With the growing number of wifi devices in my home (30 +) I needed to
start dividing up the devices to cut down on the strain on the 2 G
signal.  My router like most newer ones put out a dual signal, 2.4 G and
5 G, So I made sure all the devices I had that support 5 G would be on
that signal.  My server in the garage had a older 2 G adapter on it, so
I purchased a 5 G to help relieve the strain. The  unintentional bonus
using the 5 G on the server was a bigger sound stage and more depth in
my music.  After thinking on this, it makes good sense as the 5 G is
putting out more bandwidth to my squeezebox touches. We all known being
hardwire is best, put like most my home was not built with network
sockets in all the outlets, so wifi is the only way to stream.  This
could be about the cheapish upgrade to your system to improve your sound

1st Touch in main HT rig hardwired to router connected

2nd Touch Wirelessly connected (Master Bedroom)

3rd Touch Wirelessly connected (bedroom)

4th Touch wirelessly connected (bedroom)

5th Touch 2 Wirelessly connected (livingroom)

6th Touch 4 Wirelessly connected (downstairs bedroom)

Server (In garage)
running on Duo Core P4 3.0 GHz 4 gig ram
Windows 7 64 bit
350 Xternal gigHD
1TB backup 
Verizon Fios wireless router w/HG antana
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