Apesbrain wrote: 
> Glad this worked out for you, but there is no reason for anyone to
> expect the introduction of a 5G wireless router will improve the sound
> quality of their Squeezeboxes.  You might believe you hear a "bigger
> sound stage and more depth", but I suggest this is due to your
> expectation of the results rather than to any real result.  Valid as
> this might be to you personally, it's not an adequate basis for
> recommending that others follow a similar path to the same result.
> Suggested reading: 'List of cognitive biases'
> (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cognitive_biases)

It wasn't the router, but the server I added an 5 G adapter, the router
has nothing to do with it as the Touch connects to the sever for file

1st Touch in main HT rig hardwired to router connected

2nd Touch Wirelessly connected (Master Bedroom)

3rd Touch Wirelessly connected (bedroom)

4th Touch wirelessly connected (bedroom)

5th Touch 2 Wirelessly connected (livingroom)

6th Touch 4 Wirelessly connected (downstairs bedroom)

Server (In garage)
running on Duo Core P4 3.0 GHz 4 gig ram
Windows 7 64 bit
350 Xternal gigHD
1TB backup 
Verizon Fios wireless router w/HG antana
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