Recoveryone wrote: 
> The unintentional bonus using the 5 G on the server was a bigger sound
> stage and more depth in my music.  After thinking on this, it makes good
> sense as the 5 G is putting out more bandwidth to my squeezebox touches.
> We all known being hardwire is best, put like most my home was not built
> with network sockets in all the outlets, so wifi is the only way to
> stream.  This could be about the cheapish upgrade to your system to
> improve your sound quality.
Glad this worked out for you, but there is no reason for anyone to
expect the introduction of a 5G wireless router will improve the sound
quality of their Squeezeboxes.  You might believe you hear a "bigger
sound stage and more depth", but I suggest this is due to your
expectation of the results rather than to any real result.  Valid as
this might be to you personally, it's not an adequate basis for
recommending that others follow a similar path to the same result.

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