nolan wrote: 
> How strong do you think Sonos are though? I can't see much of a future
> for them unless they get acquired by Amazon or Apple. I know they are in
> a lot of the big name stores but they have laid staff off and failed to
> follow through with the voice control they announced. I can see they
> being a good fit for Amazon though if they decide to take Alexa
> upmarket.
> I'm grateful to Slim Devices for the way they designed the Squeezebox
> system so it could continue after they had exited the market.
> A lot of my listening is via Spotify these days so I appreciate the
> plugins that allow me to cast content from my iPhone, it works
> perfectly.
> *edit* 
> I guess most people have seen the but this indicates what they are up
> against.
>  thought Sonos  was just about to announce voice control.

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