roknrol wrote: 
> Pippin, I agree. It's a weird coincidence. The behavior is the same
> across all my iOS devices: the app launches, "Free your music" appears,
> it scans for devices, and then shows my Squeezebox Duet in the selection
> list. However, clicking on the Duet does nothing. I've gone through the
> usual steps, rebooting, deleting and re-adding the app, re-signing into
>, etc. The original hardware Controller works just fine.
> So it's just the app.
> BTW, does iPeng work across iOS 6 devices? My old iPod4 (was) my main
> controller remote for my Duet. That's part of the reason I haven't
> engaged other options up to now.

No, unfortunately no longer.
Until last fall you could still buy iPeng Classic which works back to
iOS 3 but Apple has since pulled this, too.
You can still download it if you purchased it in the past and it still
works but you can no longer buy it.

The current iPeng 9 works with iOS 9 and newer and has backwards
compatible old versions back to iOS 7 in the store but no earlier.

learn more about iPeng, the iPhone and iPad remote for the Squeezebox
Logitech UE Smart Radio as well as iPeng Party, the free Party-App, 
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