Before I bought my first Squeezebox player - an SB3 - I had experimented
with a couple of other devices that played Internet Radio and local
files from a DLNA server.

This was the first such device which I discovered the other day during a
clear out. A Freecom Musicpal. Both knobs are really sticky. Stickier
than you get a Boom. The left hand knob. Play/pause and volume is
actually broken but the volume can still be adjusted with it in some
way. Fortunately there is a system tray app that surprisingly works on
W10 which can control the volume.
Internet Radio still works and it will play mp3s from my QNAP dlna
server (but not Flacs). It has a single speaker but also a stereo line

When I first got the SB3 and installed LMS 7.7.2 on my first Qnap I
created a favourite on the Musicpal for stream.mp3. It still works!


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