d6jg wrote: 
> Also found this post I wrote in 2012
> https://www.js60och.co.uk/logitech-what-have-you-done/
> Still valid 7 years later

... and 7 years on the extension of 'squeezebox' players with Raspis and
some innovative plugins (eg. phillipe's bridges, streaming plugins)
eclipses the ballsup Sonos have made in recent months in their mad-rush
to accomodate smartphones and flaky voice features.

LMS server: Pi Zero

Amp: Denon PMA-50

Players/Speakers:  Touch, Logitech Radios, Sonos Play 1s & Beam,
Libratone Zipp, GGMM E2 & E3, Yamaha WXAD-010, Loewe Airspeaker, Google
Home Mini, Pioneer WX-SMA1, Roberts S1, O2 Joggler, Cisco Joggler

Brexit =  ∞ stupidity

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