Hello, everyone -

Two items to discuss in this e-mail chain:

1) I am setting up the Agenda for next week's meeting and will leave it
open until next Monday morning (CST).  As I know Aaron wants to keep more
of a Holocracy-style meeting format, this agenda should be more viewed as
reminders of things that people want to discuss (Lord knows with my flighty
brain that I need a reminder of topics that I personally like to discuss)
and not a hard-set agenda.  There is no guarantees we will go through
everything on the agenda, but at least it's noted there, and if we don't
get to it one particular week, we can add it to the agenda of the next
week.  If you have items you want to make, create your own section w/ an H2
header and bullets.  I added the below topic to it as an example (since I
think we'll still need to discuss anyway).  Please note:  Click save at the
bottom.  Do NOT close the Agenda.  I'm not sure we can reopen it if you
close it accidentally (something worth trying one day, but let's not let
that be today).

2) As I'm reviewing and investigating more about what OpenProject can do
and how we can organize things, I think it would be beneficial to take the
time to try and establish the groups and roles and figuring out the
workflow for OpenProject.  Those groups especially should be based on the
holocracy circles that we've talked about in the past.  Since we haven't
fully defined them, I figured now would be as good of a time as any to
bring the topic back up, and hopefully we can get OpenProject set up out
the gate to align.

That being said, although the Holocracy part itself isn't in my circle of
responsibility (that I'm aware of anyway), the way I configure OpenProject
is, and they're related, so I'm going to jot down my thoughts here for
discussion purposes.  Please note that I unfortunately come from a rather
corporate background and haven't had a massive amount of time to read up on
Holocracy, so please forgive me in advance if this looks too much like a
corporate structure, but this is just an initial proposal to get the
conversation started anyway, so there's plenty of room to make this more
what it's supposed to look like.  My thoughts are first of all that each
circle will have one lead role and any number of team member roles
underneath it.  Here are the thoughts on circles and who I think the leads
would be:

Design (Robert)
Development (Bryan)
Legal (?)
Project Management (me)
Public Relations/Community (William)  (not sure if these should be two
different circles)
Requirements (Aaron)

Thoughts and feedback warmly welcomed.  Thanks!!

- Jason
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