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Bryan Richter <br...@snowdrift.coop> wrote:

> I wanted to bring an existing discussion on to the mailing lists to
> spread the word.
> Existing discussion: https://tree.taiga.io/project/snowdrift/issue/360
> To quote myself there,
>     In order to focus development and drastically reduce maintenance
>     burden, I have deprioritized and removed all website features
>     except the funding mechanism. One of the features that was trimmed
>     was discussions, which primarily means all wiki discussions.
>     Per @wolftune, "there is valuable content that needs to be some
>     mix of archived/moved to wherever that content should best now
>     live."
> I go on to list a couple options.
> Right now, I think I want to go with option #1, which is to provide
> read-only access to the content on a new subdomain:
> archive.snowdrift.coop.
> Even after removing all these website features, we still have a
> tremendous amount of work to do. I think this will let the separate
> teams move forward in parallel without too much time lost
> synchronizing. But, I don't like that a new domain is yet another
> dangling loose end, with some unavoidable maintenance burden that will
> accrue as long as it's around.
> Any better ideas out there?

I think these 2 are separate and both useful:

- Keep the original data in a lossless form so that it can later be inserted
  into some discussion system, whether Snowdrift's or other
- Maintain a publicly accessible view of the data, with emphasis on trivial

One way to do it would be:

- Keep the DB on the server and/or export it on some form, SQL or JSON etc.,
  for use later when time comes
- Use wget or httrack or something like that to create a plain HTML read-only
  version of the site and make nginx serve it directly, no web app needed

I'm not sure the latter is better than running snowdrift in an archive.
subdomain though. Just suggesting a possible alternative.


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