On 05/26/2017 06:32 PM, Mike Linksvayer wrote:
> On Sun, May 21, 2017 at 9:37 PM, Aaron Wolf <aa...@snowdrift.coop> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I want to first apologize for not being as proactive as would make a
>> real difference here. This discussion list has seen almost no activity
>> in quite some time.
>> I have had significant personal and family distractions, and similar
>> issues have come up for many others involved in the project. But I know
>> that all of us still care about seeing this through.
> Thanks for posting an update and best to you and all involved in the
> project and friends and families.
> I happened to look because I just noticed that Tilt is shutting down
> https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14428007 and fondly recalled
> https://snowdrift.tilt.com/launch-snowdrift-coop

Yes, I just got that notice. I have to make sure to store a backup of
that for our reference before it goes down.

>> I want to see us getting more activity via using Discourse, which we
>> have more than half-way set up but not fully ready to go yet. I want to
>> start posting real updates again on our blog, which we are moving to the
>> about-ready-to-go Ghost instance we'll have at blog.snowdrift.coop.
> I've got to admit, this is frustrating to read. How many different
> services has the project stood up through its existence? I'm not sure
> how these are on the critical path to launch.

Thanks for the thoughts. To be clear:

For the blog, we only ever had an integrated and very simple blog. I was
unsure about the integration, but we hadn't settled on anything else,
and David quickly put up what really wasn't a lot of work (basically a
duplicate wiki adapted to read like a blog and identify author and
timestamp). For the discussion boards, we had a more robust system that
had various advantages but had work to do.

In both cases, when Bryan had the time to really make sense of the code,
he determined that David's integration was *too* integrated to the point
that it made it too hard for Bryan to complete a solid launchable
foundation because touching some things had too many interactions. It
would have been ideal if everything were modular enough to have
maintained our scope, but we neither had the resources nor was the code
strong enough to continue.

We could ever bring back some of the old integrated tools, but we can't
think about that now. Bryan stripped out everything that wasn't core to
the functioning crowdmatching and otherwise effective website around
that. We now have a leaner, cleaner, and more maintainable code-base.

Realistically, David didn't have the privilege to put in the time needed
initially to have thought this through in a better way, and it's
remarkable we got things working as we did, but it wasn't really a good
setup in the end.

We didn't really go through many other tools. We moved old blog posts to
the wiki for temporary reference and created redirects on the site. We
have been using this very email list (Mailman) in lieu of a forum but it
hasn't been a good replacement for the threaded discussion boards
(although it has other advantages).

So, the move toward Ghost and Discourse is actually the *first* (and
hopefully final enough) move to simply use good tools that will cover
our needs and won't burden us with being the full developers of those tools.

They aren't absolute blockers, but it will be valuable to have them
working. The biggest current blocker is just Bryan finding some spare
time to get his development notes and tasks organized better to hand off
to other volunteers so we can get the final pieces in place for the
alpha launch and announcements.

> But I'm happy to see 57 people have apparently pledged at
> https://snowdrift.coop/p/snowdrift with essentially no promotion.
> Can't wait to see that promoted relentlessly!
> Mike

Thanks, Mike, and we're certainly not giving up now. If you ever feel
like popping in IRC and just pinging me or others to check in or do any
sort of coworking / advising, it's quite welcome. At this point, it's a
matter of quality focused time to catch up with tasks, and sometimes the
time is there but not the focus, and some coworking / prodding may make
a difference (as much as I've hated to admit that).

More soon!

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