Hi everyone,

I want to first apologize for not being as proactive as would make a
real difference here. This discussion list has seen almost no activity
in quite some time.

I have had significant personal and family distractions, and similar
issues have come up for many others involved in the project. But I know
that all of us still care about seeing this through.

I want to see us getting more activity via using Discourse, which we
have more than half-way set up but not fully ready to go yet. I want to
start posting real updates again on our blog, which we are moving to the
about-ready-to-go Ghost instance we'll have at blog.snowdrift.coop. I
have some follow-ups to do with people who donated over the past few
months. There's legal questions to still work out. And tons of
interested volunteers and advisors who we need to reach out to and
figure out how to take the interest and turn it into progress and activity.

Tomorrow (Monday) at 22:00 UTC, which is 3PM Pacific, we'll have our
regular Monday meeting via Mumble (we alternate weekly between 22:00 UTC
and 19:00 UTC at this point). To participate Email me or pop in to IRC
to get the address details (it's a server we aren't in position to
publicly list since we don't want it used arbitrarily by anyone).

Point is: day by day, I am bogged down in backlog and am struggling to
find time to focus to get through it. I know that the momentum from some
people making progress ends up helping everyone else feel optimistic and
put in time too. Sorry for letting that slip.

Please go ahead and bug us here (this email list) and on IRC, and let us
know if you might just be able and interested to help us push through
this stage and get to our real launch. Right now, the biggest issue is
just getting enough people who understand the status and issues (or are
up for learning) to also find the time to take steps and push things

Thanks for your interest, patience, support etc. Every day, it's clear
that Snowdrift.coop's mission is more important and pressing than ever.
We need this, and I'm not giving up nor is anyone else. But
minute-by-minute it can be hard to get the energy and attention and
skills pointed where we need them.

I know we need to keep people engaged and provide public updates. It's
not ideal, but at least I'M POSTING TO THE DISCUSS LIST RIGHT NOW! This
is a step in the right direction.

More soon.

In harmony,

Aaron Wolf
co-founder, Snowdrift.coop

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