On 16-09-22 07:52, Erik Bray wrote:
I have not seen this issue, nor am I familiar with MobaXTerm.  But if
you're running apt-cyg, then I guess this implies it comes with a
Cygwin installation?
It does.
  I am using Cygwin, and have never had an issue
like this with git in Cygwin.  I also don't understand all the answers
that invoke putty.  git on Cygwin should just work--I would make sure
that when running git it's actually the one in Cygwin.
Git is not installed in what is shipped by default with MobaXTerm.

Meanwhile, I would love it if someone would like to comment on my
proposal for redoing how the Software Carpentry Windows installer
works: https://github.com/swcarpentry/windows-installer/issues/56

The "windows installer" has always just been a Python script that
downloads some programs, unpacks them to a standard location on the
user's machine, and does a bit of configuration.  The "executable"
wrapper around it doesn't do anything differently.  This has been
causing all sorts of problems lately, as users run into download
issues, sometimes due to external server issues, and more recently due
to problems with SSL support.  The Windows installer ought to be
replaced with an "all inclusive" bundle that contains everything
needed for the workshop in a single installer that can be distributed
on USB keys and the like.
I'ld suggest posting this part in a different thread if you want it seen by more people.

Another suggestion I got from a colleague is to use Docker on Windows.

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