Dear Dav,

It's great to cooperate with you. Actually, my schedule for this April is
packed (As you know in Japan, "new year" is started from April and I just
started my PhD this April). However, let me know your details schedule in
Japan (by private email is OK), so we can arrange a meeting if possible.
Hopefully, there will be a carpentry workshop soon in Asia.

Bagus <>

On Sat, Apr 7, 2018 at 12:30 AM, Dav Clark <> wrote:

> I am not terribly active directly as an instructor, though that may change
> soon... I've mostly been doing one on one mentoring, but my teaching
> muscles are at least somewhat used.
> BUT in any case, I get to Japan about 4 times a year to work with an after
> school "juku" doing research on intelligent classrooms (various kinds of
> testing, surveys, machine vision...)
> I'm also quite interested in fostering data science / coding education in
> general and the company (SHO-zemi) has tried to get involved in discussions
> about education at the national level. They're in a funny place - parents
> basically are paying for improved test scores, but they are advocating for
> changes in the system.
> But anyway, next trip has me in Yokohama / sleeping in Zushi the week of
> April 22. I'd be happy to meet up. Probably a bit sudden to try and do a
> workshop then, but on my next trip I'd be happy to assist.
> There's a bit of a selfish angle here, as I'm quite interested in
> recruiting grad students and similar to do projects with us!
> Best,
> D
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