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>@John: i am a Little disappointed that you not Only let this Happen,
>but even put Heat to it!? What is the use of this that you do not


I have not been President nor a member of the board since the end of March - as 
Xavier knows.

I therefore have no say in what goes on, (though I am pefectly entitled like 
any user to say what I want.)

 My comment merely suggested I wish we could be rid of him once and for all. We 
do not need his language and behaviour here and I am sick of hearing it.

The troll does not need further feeding.

I would merely suggest the complainants pass their full addresses (and those of 
Xs employers) to the Board so their lawyers can deal with it.

X has been told by Daniel aready what his legal rights are. He should refer 
back to that advice.

I will make no further comment on the matter.

B. Rgds

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