On 10/26/05, D.Pageau <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm currently building a new package for pfsense, authpf.
> authpf is an authentification shell that can change pf filterrules
> according to the authentificated user.  Kind of port knocking, but much
> more cleaner.
> http://www.openbsd.org/faq/pf/authpf.html
> authpf is not in freebsd port distribution anymore, it's now part of
> freebsd distro itself but is missing in pfsense distro (remove by
> freesbie ?).

Yeah, looks that way.

> What should I do to add that missing shell ?  Do I have to create a full
> freebsd package with that file and add
> <depends_on_package>authpf.tbz</depends_on_package> to pkg_config.xml ?
> Look overkill to me to simply add a file.  Any idea ?

Yes, that does seem overkill for this file.   I will modify the
builder scripts to include it for future versions.


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