about this theme a trick can be done, that of course is not disable as it sounds the user access.

PAM_file can be used for ssh connections. This feature reads from a file (i.e. in the root directory) a list of allowed users.

If a user is in the list he can get in, else, he can't. It's clean solution because you only have to define who are the allowed, that of course would be less people than the not allowed ;)

Another thing is use a non-standard port for ssh connections, and use pfSense synproxy features.

Again is necessary to say that the ssh daemons should not be accepting RSA keys and must be forced to be interactive (avoid login scripts done in expect or so).

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Travis H. wrote:
ssh need to be open on WAN interface and all user that have real shell
could be disabled for security concern.

Be careful when trying to disable users via their login shell:

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