Even having representatives sitting on the advisory board of another
organization causes Hamakor to assume more roles than the minimal ones
of money management and focal point for Public Relations & External
Politics.  This would, for example, force the board to decide who will
be Hamakor's representatives in the advisory board (or at least how they
will be chosen).

Hence, I suggest to limit Hamakor's official role to joint sponsorship
(for PR advantage) of projects sponsored by Vaya Research Organization.
The Hamakor board would need to decide, on project by project basis,
whether to sponsor a project or not.  But this is not different from
today's decisions whether and how to manage the monetary affairs of a
project like August Penguin or W2L.

If Vaya Research Organization want anyone from Hamakor membership to
advise them, they can publicize an invitation in this mailing list.  If
they want to hold a meeting and there are too many Hamakor members who
want to participate in it, Vaya can choose representatives from those
members in whatever way they want.  Hamakor does not need to be
officially involved at all.
                                               --- Omer

On Tue, 2005-12-20 at 12:52 +0200, E L wrote:
> I agree with that.
> Ely
> On 12/20/05, guy keren <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>         On Tue, 20 Dec 2005, Omer Zak wrote:
>         > On Tue, 2005-12-20 at 09:32 +0200, Alon Altman wrote:
>         > > On Tue, 20 Dec 2005, Omer Zak wrote:
>         > > > We also have to ensure that Hamakor's official positions
>         are made 
>         > > > unattractive to power-hungry politicians.This means, for
>         example, that
>         > > > the Hamakor board should think twice before accepting
>         the share in the
>         > > > Vaya Research Institute.It is OK and necessary that
>         people, who
>         > > > volunteered to serve in Hamakor's board and other
>         positions, are
>         > > > rewarded AFTER they finish their terms in those
>         positions.But as long
>         > > > as they are holding those positions, they should not
>         have incentives to 
>         > > > continue clinging to them.
>         > >
>         > >  The shares in Vaya were awarded to Hamakor, not to the
>         board members.
>         > > These shares do not have a monetaryvalue and are only
>         symbolic.
>         >
>         > It does not matter.Once Hamakor has those shares, the
>         Hamakor Board
>         > has some tiny power over another organization, and this tiny
>         power has
>         > the consequence of adding to the attraction in the eyes of
>         power-hungry 
>         > people.
>         >
>         > If Hamakor's goals can be furthered by share-based control
>         over Vaya
>         > Research Institution, then this may be worth the above
>         risk.But I do
>         > not see where those shares can further the goals of
>         Hamakor.Anything
>         > Hamakor needs to further its goals can be nicely asked of
>         the major
>         > stakeholders of Vaya Research Institution.
>         in other words, hamakor can simply sit on the advisory board,
>         instead of 
>         having direct stakes in another organization.
>         i think this will be enough to achieve what was desired,
>         without having to
>         add more beaurocracy of shares.
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