A research company that has share holders with specific interest in the results
of its research might find its results are in question and might be concidered
altered by the fact it has share holders with known interest.
This point leads me to think that holding shares in the Vaya company might prove
to demage this companys integrity.
I guess we all know the stories about MS funded research that found FOSS has
higher TCO then proprietry software. Speculations were enough to damage the
integrity of those results in the eyes of many. We might find we do the same to
the Vaya research company results.
Am I going to far with speculations?


Quoting Gilad Ben-Yossef <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> E L wrote:
> > Lets say that all of this is correct and there is no legal or ethical
> > problem with it,
> > there is one thing I don't get. What does hamakor gain from it?
> >
> Vaya research was established to promote research into areas that the
> Amuta tries to promote. Helping Vaya corp. is therefore in the best
> interest of the Amuta.
> By being a registered stock holder of the corp. we give the research
> institute credibility that will help it perform it's function.
> Gilad
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