On 08/10/16 13:50, Anders Björklund wrote:
> I suppose you want to do some 3.3 releases from master, at some point.
> But tagging the 3.2rc1 and doing some 3.2.x release would be a start ?
Sounds like a reasonable idea to me. 

> The suggestion was to do the branch-out of 3.2-maint _before_ changing
> from python to python3. 

This also sounds sensible.  There are 74 issues currenlty on the git site of 
the project.  There have been a lot of changes since the 3.1 release we have 
tagged so drawing a line in the sand my kicking off a 3.2 release would be a 
good start.  

We can deside which issues are enhancments and bugs.  Which are high, medium or 
low priority.  Then make a commitment to try and fix the high priority bugs on 
the 3.2 maintenace line which will be maintained for Python 2 for now.  

Following that we can decide if we want to try and support Python 2 & Python 3 
or just Python 3 in the 3.3 and onwards releases.  I know that Ubuntu and a few 
other systems are swtiching of ther 3 being the default.  

Regards, Tom 

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