Dropping Python 2 Support

(or more specifically moving up to python2.7 from python2.4 on a
maintenance branch and dropping python3 support from master)

Having looked into starting a 3.2 release or 3.2_maintenance branch I
stumbled into the https://github.com/distcc/distcc/pull/177 request. 
Under that request the creation of the 3.2 maintenance branch is
suggested and it is proposed that said branch will be used to maintain
some support for Python2.7 for as long as it seems necessary.  

The main work would continue on master, with the creation of a 3.3.#
release in the near future.  The master branch (and therefore the 3.3
releases onwards) would require python3. 

What do the viewers of this list think of the proposal? 

Silence will be taken as support.  If the action is supported I will try
an action at least some of it at the end of the month.

Regards, Thomas

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