Thank you for clearing up the misunderstandings I had. 

On 13/10/16 20:18, Anders Björklund wrote:
> Something like a road map would be nice, to see what the difference is.
> Maybe 3.2 should have been forked even earlier in history, I dunno...
That would be nice and might be a bit of work.  I can try and skim back
over the commit history and see what major features are in since the 3.1
release we have marked.  It would be quite nice to fill in some of the
release notes in GitHub too so I will try and do that based on older
documents and changeset too.   Once we can see the past perhaps we can
plan for the future. 
> But it would be nice to do another "stable" release after distcc-3.1.
> Which is from 2008 already.
That is what I see most people asking for.  I am not sure there are new
features the core program needs to do.  If we were going to go for a
snazzy dynamic system with (web) GUIs I think it would need to be
facilitated by a suit of micro-services in the modern and classic UNIX
> Many stay off the distcc-3.2rc1, because of the silly release suffix.
> And that was back in 2011 ?
I am more familiar with Semantic like visioning as described in so would be quite happy to switch to that.  Perhaps
the first job should be to release a 3.1.1 release as an updated
stable.  Numbers and names are not that important as long as people can
understand their intent.  I am happy to go with whatever the group feels
would best fit. 

Looking at this I realise I probably should have made three separate
responses so we would have a Roadmap, Stable and Version Numbering
thread.  This list does not have a high volume though.  People can
narrow the scope on reply if they feel the need.

I shall try and scribble some release notes before months end and get
back to you all.

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