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> On Tue, Aug 7, 2018 at 9:16 AM, Donald Stufft <don...@stufft.io> wrote:
>> > Or really, the question at hand: should a user starting from scratch
>> > with a python.org install of 3.7 run ensurepip?
>> >
>> > Or can they just go straight to:
>> >
>> > Python3 -m pip install —upgrade pip
>> >
>> The intention behind ensurepip was that they could just go straight to
>> ``python3 -m pip install -U pip`` because the ensurepip was implicit when
>> they installed Python. However some downstream distributors have mucked
>> around with ensurepip in one way or another (ranging from not running it by
>> default, to out right disabling it).
> so I *think* that means that ensurepip still has a useful function, but if
> folks install python from the python.org installers (on Windows and OS-X)
> then they can upgrade pip right out of the box -- yes?

Yeah, the flow I would suggest is:

1. Try to upgrade pip to the latest
2. Only run ensurepip if the previous command fails with an indication that
pip isn't installed yet

(The python.org installers run ensurepip by default as a post-install step)


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