On 13/04/13 22:48, Brantley Harris wrote:
> There's a line in the django URL Dispatcher documentation that is pretty
> weird:
>     The URLconf doesn’t look at the request method. In other words, all
>     request methods – POST, GET, HEAD, etc. – will be routed to the same
>     function for the same URL.
> Well, why?  Most modern web frameworks allow you to specify the method
> in the routing configuration, Django seems to be an exception in this
> respect.
> It would be extremely easy to implement, and would lead to vastly better
> code across new projects, including a simpler way of writing rest style
> interfaces:
>     url('^objects/$', 'views.create_object', methods=['post', 'put'],
>     name='create_object'),
>     url('^objects/$', 'views.get_objects', name='list_objects'),
> This has come up many times before and been swatted down for various
> reasons.  One is that it could be implemented with a one-off dispatcher,
> as in:
>     url('^objects/$', create_or_list(list=get_objects,
>     create=create_object), name='create_or_list_objects')
> But this is overly complex for what should be a simple configuration,
> forces one to create the same name for the url, and worse, creates a
> level of indirection breaking the abstraction up; or in other words
> you're trying to do route configuration, why not do it in the place
> you're already doing route configuration?
> The other argument is that you can do this with Class Based Views.  I
> don't believe this is a good argument as one would have to utilize Class
> Based Views to get this basic functionality.  In fact CBV's, only really
> solve two common issues, one is the boilerplate inherit in forms, and
> the other method routing.  But the proposed solution to method routing
> is simpler and better.

You don't have to use Django's CBVs to get this functionality - you can
write your own, avoiding anything you dislike about them.

One reason for not doing this kind of despatch is that handling for
different HTTP methods often involves a lot of common code. The classic
form workflow would become longer, more complicated and/or less DRY if
it was implemented using two functions instead of one:


So, I would disagree that dispatching on HTTP verb would lead to vastly
better code - it could easily make things worse.

However, this is not an argument against having the *option* to do
method-name dispatching in the URLconf - I can see that there are valid
use cases for that.



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