On 15/04/13 10:21, Aymeric Augustin wrote:

> Django already has a syntax for that :
> from django.conf.urls import *
> from django.views.decorators.http import *
> urlpatterns = patterns('',
>     url(require_GET(view_that_only_accepts_get), name='accept-get'),
>     url(require_POST(view_that_only_accepts_post), name='accept-post'),
>     url(require_http_methods(['OPTIONS',
> 'DELETE'])(err_why_would_you_do_that), name='accept-options-delete'),
> )
> https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/topics/http/decorators/#allowed-http-methods

This doesn't work if you want the same URL - the first one will match,
and return a 405 if the method isn't allowed, so you will never fall
through to the next one with the same URL where the method is allowed.

(Unless the URL dispatcher has started doing something very different
from what I what I expect it to do).


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