On 08/03/16 20:47, Marc Tamlyn wrote:
Doing something better with the admin hstore is definitely something I'd
like to see land.

1. I'd like more input on the features people feel are essential.
Something that allows you to add/change/delete keys is all you need to
start with. Features like soft delete can be added later.

OK, well, I'll pare down the code and make a PR soon.

2. Is there a guide somewhere to styles and markup to be used in admin
No, in short. Keep it simple seems to be the best advice I can give -
most of the code is very old.

So nobody understands the HTML and CSS used in Admin?

Someone must, since there are a few skins for it, and someone just redid our skin for 1.9...

3. I plan to pull in another icon from FA, but it appears the one we
currently use for "inline delete" is customised from the original.  Does
anyone know who made these changes and how?
No idea sorry.

I had hoped the person "git blame" showed was reading this list... oh well


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