On 15/10/16 08:16, Ricardo Prado wrote:
Thanks "Folks" in special Aymeric

Let's go, let me explain about this "monitor.py".

When users deploy django app in production, the changes in any python
script need be "reloaded" for apply changes, in this you have two
options to do this:

1 - restart apache or nginx server

Well, no... if you're using apache/mod_wsgi (and have configured it correctly) you merely need to "touch" the wsgi script.

If you're using nginx, it doesn't run django, so you should be starting whichever uwsgi service you are using (e.g. uwsgi, gunicorn, waitress, etc)

Anyway this is a problem, this file can be included in django core for
apply changes in python script and don't need be reload server. When you
start a django app

typing: "python manage.py runserver".

An internal montior is initialized for apply changes runtime. Would be
good have this option in production too.

Most deploy processes and managers would scream at you if you decided to restart the service every time a file changed.

Typically in production you want to update the whole codebase and have a controlled reload (is touch really so difficult?)

What sort of situations are you seeing that you want a restart frequently and more simple than "touch wsgi.py" ?


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