On Sunday 26 February 2017 11:16:54 Florian Apolloner wrote:
> As much as I'd like variables to raise an error if they cannot resolve, I
> am with Karen here -- the backwards compatibility considerations should
> take priority here. At least we should have a possibility in the templates
> to check if variables are undefined before we start raising exceptions.

I concur.

Adam's {% load undefined_vars from future %} sounds like a good idea -- with 
two caveats:

1) We shouldn't make it part of a deprecation plan (at least, not yet)

2) We should consider how to enable it to affect many templates from one place. 
My first thought: If included in a template, it should apply (recursively) to 
any template which {% extends %} it, and to any {% include %}'d template.

Then it's not "modify each template" to use, and it isn't all-or-nothing 
unless you want it to be.

My 2 cents,

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