On 05/21/2017 02:59 PM, Tom Forbes wrote:
> There are lots of considerations to take into account (like ensuring the
> Cython functions are in sync with the fallback ones)

It's possible to only have one version of the code, using only Python
syntax, and conditionally compile it with Cython if available. This
gives up some potential efficiency wins from type annotation, but avoids
the need to keep two copies in sync.

Regardless, though, I think CI would need to run the tests both with
Cython and with non-Cython fallback.

We've moved toward releasing wheels instead of sdist on PyPI for recent
versions; for this to be useful it would mean releasing multiple binary
wheels for different platforms.

There's no question this could make a big difference to Django CPU
usage; the question is whether it's worth the added CI and release
complexity when it would likely provide little value to the majority of
Django users.


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