W dniu środa, 16 sierpnia 2017 14:48:54 UTC+2 użytkownik Luke Plant napisał:
> I completely agree that visibility of this problem is a major issue, and 
> would really welcome work on improving this, especially in DEBUG mode. One 
> option might be a method that replaces lazy loads with exceptions. This 
> would force you to add the required `prefetch_related` or `select_related` 
> calls. You could have:
> .lazy_load(None)   # exception on accessing any non-loaded FK objects
> .lazy_load('my_fk1', 'my_fk2')  # exceptions on accessing any unloaded FK 
> objects apart from the named ones
> .lazy_load('__any__')   # cancel the above, restore default behaviour
> This (or something like it) would be a different way to tackle the problem 
> - just throwing it out. You could have a Meta option to do 
> `.lazy_load(None)` by default for a Model.  I've no idea how practical it 
> would be to wire this all up so that is works correctly, and with nested 
> objects etc.

Would love if Django could be told to require explicit data fetches. This 
and replacing QuerySet.__iter__ with an explicit fetch() (and lazy_fetch()) 
would make it much easier to reason about large codebases.

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