I have a project with two apps (app1, app2). App1's DB is the default DB. 
App2's DB is DB2. To run the migrations on DB2, I need to run:

python manage.py migrate app2 --database=DB2

Which is ok. The problem is to run the migrations for the rest of the 
project. I would like to run all migrations with the exception of app2's 
migrations on the default DB. To do that, I need to run every single app 
migration separately, with the exception of app2's migration. It would be 
great if I could type something like this instead:

python manage.py migrate --skip=app2

And that command would run all other migrations on the default DB with the 
exception of app2's migrations. 

I posted a question on stackoverflow regarding this: 

And I hope this is the correct mail-list to ask for a feature.


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