Thanks for taking the time to post here Joshua!

The main reason why I asked to gather feedback from this list is that I'm 
not convinced
that the benefits outweighs the additional complexity this will add to the 
already quite
loaded update_or_create() signature handling and how the fact a callable 
is not something that is used anywhere else in Django AFAIK.

The fact this can be achieved with the same number of queries by doing a
save(update_fields) from the return value of a previous get_or_create with a
bit of boilerplate[0] pushes me to a -1 because I don't think it's a common 
pattern to warrant the addition of a specialized option.



Le vendredi 28 décembre 2018 11:15:33 UTC-5, Joshua Cannon a écrit :
> Howdy folks!
> At the suggestion of Simon Charette, I'd like to get feedback on how the 
> community feels about the feature request #30053 
> <>.
> The gist of the problem is that sometimes the "update" part of 
> "update_or_create" should be conditional. The proposed solution adds a 
> backwards-compatible "update_condition" parameter to "update_or_create" 
> which should be a unary callable that takes in the retrieved table instance 
> and returns a boolean of whether the update should be performed.
> Nasir Hussain has already started work on a possible solution on PR 10800 
> <>.
> I'd love to hear other people's thoughts.

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