Hi Folks. 

First off: can we please keep it civil. Let's offer positive responses 
where possible. Thanks 

There's no harm in people asking for help: there is a contributing guide, 
but if folks aren't finding it, perhaps we need a bigger sign-post.  


The place to begin is 
here: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/internals/contributing/

See the Development Dashboard: https://dashboard.djangoproject.com

Looking at Unreviewed Tickets on the issue tracker and helping to Triage 
them is super helpful. 
That's a good place to get familiar. 

That doesn't make a GSoC project, so looking through Accepted tickets (take 
your time! 🙂) 
would be a good place to look for ideas. 

I don't think we have a ready list of GSoC-scale project ideas we can point 
you to I'm afraid. (Anyone?)

I hope that at least gets you started. 

Welcome aboard! 

Kind Regards,


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