Part of the discussion on the "Dissolving Core" DEP was about have a some 
kind of status, and permissions that go with it, for the group of 
contributors who are actively involved in Triaging tickets and Reviewing 
PRs on GitHub. 

Ideally we wanted to separate this from "having the commit-bit", so not 
equivalent to "Write" permissions on GitHub, which were to be reduced from 
the whole of "Django Core" as was (as currently is) to the "Mergers" who 
would be the Fellows plus small number of others. 

There was some suggestion of granting Write access but then using 
"Protected Branches" + "Code Ownership" features of GitHub to make this 
That's a bit too complex for my taste, and the UI on it isn't great, having 
tried it. 
(You end up with horrible red buttons all over until a code owner 
approved... Yuck.)  

Then GitHub introduced[1] a Triage permission between the existing Read and 
Write permissions. 


This looked great but — for me — was lacking a key feature of being able to 
"Request a Review", 
a handy button on the top-right of PRs, which if you have Write permissions 
you can put a user name
in to say, "hey, can you please look at this". 

I've been making comments left, right and centre about this lack, and it 
seems that GitHub will be adjusting
the Triage role to add the "Request a Review" permission. 

At which point I think it serves our needs quite well™. 
(Even without that change it's probably what we need to use but with it 
being added, all the better...)

As such I'd like to create a "Triage & Review Team", give it the Triage 
permission, and begin inviting people. 

* I'd like to invite small numbers to begin. Just to check it does serve. 
* I think the idea was to be more liberal than Django Core, so invite more 
as we spin up. 
* And membership was meant to be dependent on activity, so we could ask 
folks to say if they were going to continue or step down, say each major 
release cycle.

I realised the other day that Nick Pope wasn't a member of the Django Org, 
because he's not part of "Django Core"—when I suggested he use 
the "Request a Review" button and found he couldn't. This struck me as a 
little absurd: if we weren't going to dissolve it, Nick should definitely 
be part of the old "Django Core". As such, I suggest create the team, and 
inviting Nick as the first member just to see how it goes. 

Can I ask if that seems sensible to all/some?


Kind Regards,


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