Hello everybody,

I am the author of a pull request to fix Django bug #21408 
<https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/21408>, which concerns the German 
translation of the phrases “X days ago” and “X days from now”. Up until 
now, these phrases were translated into German with “vor X Tage” and “in X 
Tage”, while the correct translation would have been “vor X Tagen” and “in 
X Tagen” (this corresponds to the Dative inflection of the word “Tag”).
The problem lies in the fact that Django's implementation does not 
translate the phrase “X days ago” as one, but rather translates the phrases 
“… ago” and “X days” separately, and puts the two translations together 
afterwards. I tried to fix the bug for the German language by introducing a 
`naturaltime` context to pass to `npgettext_lazy` when translating “X 
days”, so that it would translate to “X Tagen”. (The same holds for “… from 

When reviewing the changes in my pull request 
<https://github.com/django/django/pull/9777>, Claude Paroz noted that there 
might be languages in which a differentiation between “X days ago” and “X 
days from now” is needed.
My (our) question is now: Are there any such languages, and if yes, could 
you provide an example?

Thank you very much in advance :)


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