#31612: Running tests with --keepdb messy to flush.
     Reporter:  Jarek Glowacki     |                    Owner:  nobody
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Comment (by Jarek Glowacki):

 Sorry, I should've provided some examples for when dropping the test db
 might be necessary:
 - Doctoring an existing migration on a local branch. eg. I run tests on a
 local branch, applying a migration i've just added. I notice the migration
 is wrong and wish to change it before pushing it upstream. Running the
 tests again won't pick up my change. And to my knowledge I can't just
 unapply the migration like i can with the `migrate` mcommand.
 - Rebasing migrations. eg. I've got a stale PR with a migration on it. I
 rebase my work and rename the migration and its dependencies to sit at the
 end of the list. Local test db still thinks I've already applied said
 changes and falls over trying to apply them a second time. (Yes I could
 just add a merge migration here, but it's unnecessary clutter if the
 migration exists only on my PR. And i don't think faking migrations is
 possible here, like it is with `migrate`.)

 Are such workflows out of the ordinary?

 Anyway, if this still isn't sufficiently convincing, won't argue further.
 Will just add some custom code to do it in our own product I guess..

 Thanks for the quick triage!

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