Hi ,I want to setup  a dropbox like server with django. So far i have 
achieved uploading files onto a location .I want these files to show up on 
browser which they do(while saving file to the location I indexed an entry 
in the Db so i just print the file names from the DB(POSTGRESQL).Now i want 
to provide users options to view or download the files.I put a link on it 
and tried ,it did not work since it shows an javascript error "NOT ALLOWED 
TO LOAD LOCAL RECOURCE" . All uploaded files are loaded in C drive of my 
laptop. Where else do i load so that javascript can load it? Attaching my 
code ..thanks in advance.


function downloadFile(filename){

<table id='filetable' border = '1'>
{% for i in q  %}
   <a href='C:\Users\rdoshi\storage\{{i.file_name}}'>{{i.file_name}}</a>
   <button type="button" 
 {% endfor %}
<form method = "post" action="../upload/" enctype ="multipart/form-data">{% 
csrf_token %}
         <input type="file" name="files" multiple />
<input type = "submit" value="Upload" />


from django.shortcuts import render
from django.http import HttpResponse
from django.shortcuts import render_to_response
from polls.models import Files
from os import walk
from os.path import isfile, join
def index(request):
return render(request,"index.html", {})

def upload(request):
for x in request.FILES.getlist("files"):
def process(f):
with open(r'C:\Users\rdoshi\storage\%s ' %f.name , 'wb+') as destination:
b = Files(file_name= f.name)
for chunk in f.chunks():
q = Files.objects.all()
return render(request,  "index.html", {'q' : q})

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